A downloadable game for Windows

Nullspace is a physics-based multiplayer brawler, where each player controls a ball in a rounded closed map. Your objective is to collect victories completing each map's objective while you try to avoid your rivals getting it.

Map 1: The King of the Zone
Score points while being in the central zone. Wins the player with more points when time runs out.

Map 2: Block Mayhem
Destroy as many blocks as you can. Wins who destroys more blocks.

Map 3: Splatooblock

Score points by painting blocks of your colour. You score 1 point painting a white block, and 2 points by painting your rival's block. Also you can break your block to avoid your rivals painting them.

Controls (Xbox One Controller):
Joystick direction + Triangle/Y/Upper Gamepad Button - Impulse Ball
Hold Triangle/Y/Upper Gamepad Button - Charge Impulse
Start - Start match after selecting players

Realease button when the ball is in its maximum while charging for greater damage!!


Nullspace_Demo.zip 25 MB